OLLA! Let’s create furniture

What do you think about the idea of letting your kids build their own furniture like Lego? Ollaaaa! That sounds great, doesn’t it?

Here’s how to buy a set of furniture that your children can put together and take apart like a giant set of Legos.

Imagine a set of furniture that your children could tear apart and put back together like a set of Legos.

Such was the inspiration of Jens Otterstedt, who created the brand name Olla – a combination of his children’s names, Ole and Ella.

Otterstedt says the furniture was inspired by Lego. Your kids can take all pieces apart and reconstruct them any way they like. The possible combinations of furniture are many – beds, benches, tables, desks, and shelves to name a few. Your kids will likely create a few combinations you never thought possible. Lots of bright, pretty colors make the furniture even more appealing to young children.

The Olla furniture is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon with your kids. It encourages creativity, learning, and collaboration. It teaches children how to build something all by themselves and rewards their hard work with a beautiful finished project.

To fund the idea, Otterstedt has turned to crowdfunding at Kickstarter.

For a pledge of $228, you can get the OLLA chair, $445 for the OLLA desk and if you want the whole shebang? A $2,255 pledge will get you the OLLA cabin bedroom combo.

A bit pricey? Possibly – but as the father of a toddler, I can assure you that this is how to make a little girl very happy.

Creative children will be able to furnish their whole room using Olla

The variety of pieces that can be constructed using Olla is impressive, with chairs, desks, shelving units, beds, cots, and benches all feasible. The Olla components come in a range of different colors, meaning children can mix and match at will. Each of the pieces locks together using just four different types of connectors.

The video below shows kids assembling and disassembling bespoke furniture using the Olla system.

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